• Discussion “Rule of Law and The Impact on the Economy”
  • Discussion “Health Services Governance: Building Public and Private Sector Cooperation”
  • Workshop “Implementation of Anti-Corruption Education in Higher Education: Realizing the Integrity of the Nation”
  • Research “Public Service Implementation in Jakarta”, in cooperation with USAID
  • Discussion “Building Clinical Research Capability in Indonesia”
  • Discussion “Review of Deregulation Policy Implementation in Indonesia’s Downstream Sector”
  • Research “Evaluation of Policy Implementation in the Field of Downstream Industry of Petroleum”, Research Grant of DRPM UI
  • Discussion “Higher Education Governance and Autonomy”
  • Research “Academic Governance and Autonomy of State Universities: University of Indonesia, State University of Jakarta and State University of Syarif Hidayatullah”, Research Grant DRPM UI
  • Research “Innovation in Regional Bureaucracy Reform: Community Participation in Implementation of E-Bureacracy in Jembrana, Bali”, Research Grant of DRPM UI