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Launching of Annotation Book on the Government Administration Law

The Center for Study of Governance and Administrative Reform University of Indonesia (UI-CSGAR) with the Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemen-PAN & RB), Pattiro and KSI has launched the book Annotation of Law No. 30 Year 2014 on Government Administration Law in Jakarta, Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.

The Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform, Asman Abnur, who also delivered a keynote speech, opened the launch. Abnur was accompanied by UI-CSGAR?s Executive Director, Eko Prasojo. The launch was attended by hundreds of government officials ? from the executive offices to judicial and legislative offices.

In addition to the book launch, a presentation session led by Executive Director of UI-CSGAR Eko Prasojo and annotator team represented by Muhammad Yasin, Laode Rudita and M. Imam Alfie S. was held. The fruitful discussion received positive remarks from participants, with ideas being exchanged and questions asked.

Prof. Eko Prasojo stated that the aim of the Annotation on Government Administration Law was to improve government official?s understanding of the Law when taking administrative actions and decisions. The process behind the Law, from the drafting process to being ratified, was long and rigorous. Therefore, it was necessary for officials to grasp the context, history, and norms behind it.

?This annotation is a re-writing of original ideas and the atmosphere that emerged during the formulation of the Law. The annotation was based on expert reviews, legal norms regarding the Law, current practices, and minutes of meetings?, explained the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic, Asman Abnur, welcomed the launch of the book of annotations. If the civil services apparatus (ASN) performs their duties by heart, Indonesia will have no problem developing. The minister asked for government officials to move from process-oriented way od thinking to result-oriented thinking. In improving our bureaucracy, a number of key issues and priorities had to be adressed, such as institutions issue, human resource and recruitment.

With this annotation, continued Asman, civil service?s understanding of the boundaries of governance became deeper. He likened civil services in bureaucracy to fighter pilots who must have the courage to fly in any weather conditions. To ?fly the bureaucratic machine, compliance to to Government Administration Law is a must. ?With this book, we hope it will be easier for civil services to comprehend the Law,? he aspired.

During the same occasion, PATTIRO?s Executive Director Information Maya Rostanty expressed her support for the launch, saying that the Government Administration Law was very important in order to realize good governance and at the same time guarantee the right of society in governance. Hence, annotation on the Law were crucial as a basis for understanding the intentions of the legislators especially when the Law is implemented. ?The next challenge is to ensure consistency with the Law?s implementing regulations,? she reminded.

Petra Karetji, Leader of KSI, voiced similar opinion. According to him, the implementation of the Government Administration Law is related to public trust. The AP Law served as the guidance for bureaucrats in performing their duties in accordance with the prevailing rules. ?This annotation is intended to improve the implementation of government administration,? he said.

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