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FGD for Expert Review of Annotation of Law Number 30/2014 on Government Administration

Jakarta – Universitas Indonesia Center for Study Governance and Administrative Reform (UI-CSGAR) in collaboration with the Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB), Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), and PATTIRO held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for Expert Review on the Annotation of Government Administration Law. The FGD was intended to provide feedbacks on the implementation of Government Administration Law which often sparked controversies and disagreements.

This FGD was attended by the annotator team with Prof. Guntur Hamzah and Dr. Tri Hayati as experts reviewing the regulation. Prof. Guntur Hamzah and Dr. Tri Hayati had stressed the importance of Government Administration Law as the basis and legal protection for bureaucratic reform and good governance.

“With this Law, we are talking about changes in mindset, a paradigm shift in the implementation of governing based on the efforts to reform our bureaucracy“ Prof. Thunder Hamzah pointed out during the FGD.

On this occasion Prof. Guntur Hamzah and Dr. Tri Hayati had the opportunity to review and provide reccomendations for annotations that had been drafted by the annotator team. Results from this FGD would serve as matters to be discussed further during next FGD.

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